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The Resurrection Afghan-Part III

Seams Great So Far!

Now that I have the yarn I need to repair the Resurrection Afghan, it's time to get to work.  With all of the wear and tear this afghan has endured over the years, it is literally coming apart at the seams.

The original crocheter joined the squares with a whip stitch (for examples of different joining techniques, see The Joys of Joining Granny Squares). I used a metal yarn needle and began rejoining the afghan. The yarns are a little different, but it is as close as I could find.  You can see the yarn that I added to close the seam in this photo.

I'm not done with the seams yet, but it has already made a huge difference. 

Before Any Repairs
After Seaming Repairs

There is much more to do, but it seams great so far :)  Up next: Granny Square Repair!

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