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Healing Necklace

I'm going to take a quick break from my usual free crochet pattern posts and share with you a necklace I created for my aunt.  She was diagnosed last October with a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  She has been fighting with all her strength, enduring chemotherapy and radiation treatments that are all but killing the rest of her body.  Although there isn't much I can do in terms of medical support, I can help by giving her hope and love.  I have always believed in the healing energies of crystals so I used what I know to make her a healing necklace.  Based on her ailment (breast cancer), her treatment (chemo and radiation) and her zodiac sign (Aquarius) I chose crystals that would best help her.  This necklace is made from rose quartz (love and protection), amethyst (healing), smokey quartz (dispels negative energy) and a pendant of sugilite (support during chemo and radiation) set in silver (a great conductor of energy).

I know this necklace won't cure her cancer, but I do think it will provide the extra support that she may need to keep her spirits up and know how much she is loved.


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