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Loopy Flower Pin

This great little flower is the perfect addition to any accessory. Pin it to a hat (like the Mini Brim Hat), a purse or coat. The best thing about this project is that it is perfect for stash yarn.  Experiment with textured yarns and different lengths of loops to get many different looks.
Supplies: Worsted Weight Yarn
               Size I9 Crochet Hook
               Safety Pin

Round 1-In magic loop, ch 3 (counts as dc).  11 dc into magic loop.  Join with sl st.  (12 dc)
Round 2-(Ch 10, sl st in same sp) twice in each dc.  Sl st in first dc. (24 ch-10 loops)
Round 3-Moving toward the center of the flower, slip stitch around the post of the same dc.  *Ch 10.  Sl st around post of next dc. Rep from *.  Sl st around first dc. (12 ch-10 loops)

 Fasten off.  Open safety pin and slide through the back of the flower.  Alternatively, you can use some of the yarn and a yarn needle to hand sew the safety pin to the flower.

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