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One Skein Fashion Scarf

This is the quickest and easiest crochet fashion scarf out there.  It takes about an hour to make and is a great last minute gift.  Its the perfect project for that one skein of yarn in your stash that you just can't match to anything else.

The greatest thing about this free pattern is that it is completely customizable.  You can use any yarn, any size hook and make it any length and width you like.  These scarves are made with a one row repeat of treble crochets until the yarn ran out.

Here is the written pattern for my version:
Ch 9.
Row 1- tr (treble crochet) in 5th ch from hook. Tr in each ch across row to end.
Row 2-ch 4. Tr in each tr to end of row.
Repeat Row 2 to desired length (or until you run out of yarn!)
Finish off.
The fashion scarf makes a great addition to an otherwise plain outfit.  Don't be afraid to experiment with fun yarns and bright colors.  Make it your own and enjoy!

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