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Pets Love Crochet Too!

I love crochet.  I mean I LOVE crochet...and apparently so do my pets!  No matter what I am trying to work on, I always have at least one of my four furry kids wanting to be a part of it.  They are all rescues and they all have their own hilarious and sweet personalities.

Here is Todd getting in my shot of the Rugged Ripples Afghan and laying on the afghan I made for my Mom for Christmas last year.  Todd is a Border Collie and a huge mama's boy.  His first owner was abusive so he can be skittish sometimes but he is learning to trust people again.

This one is Mi Hija snuggling up with the Daisy Afghan.  She looks so sweet...when she is sleeping that is ;-) She is very social and likes making friends with anyone and everyone.  And she will lick your face off if you let her.

Then there is Meow. Yep, that is her name.  She used to be Luna, but her constant talking led to a name change.  She especially loved the Daisy Afghan, to the point of laying on it in the box before I shipped it to my grandmother.

Last, but certainly not least, is Ivy.  He was my the first in the family and by far the craziest.  He loves to roll around in the grass and bring presents home for us.  Mouse for dinner?  Thanks...you shouldn't have...really.  Ivy not only enjoys crocheting, but he is an avid scrapbooker as well!

 My life is fuller (albeit furrier) with my pets and I'm very thankful to have them :-)

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