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Cardigan Attempt #1 (and some other failed resolutions)

Hi all!
Back in January of last year, I posted my New Year's Crochet Resolutions.  I had four resolutions: learn tunisian crochet, elongate stitches, make a pair of socks, create a sweater pattern.

#1-Learn Tunisian Crochet
I signed up for the Tunisian Crochet Class on Craftsy.com.  I love their site and the classes are a great value.  I bought a set of Knitter's Pride Tunisian Crochet Hooks at my local yarn shop.  I made it through the first 2 lessons, but stopped because I am not happy with the hooks I chose.  They are beautifully made and feel great in the hand, however the hook style is not my favorite.  I found myself struggling to smoothly pull up loops because of the cut of the hook.  I prefer a wider and deeper cut (like Susan Bates) versus a narrow shallow cut (like Boye).  So this project is on the UFO list until I purchase a set of Denise Tunisian hooks.

#2-Elongate stitches
I have to be honest and admit that I have done nothing to correct my short stitches.  At this point, I tend to adjust patterns if I need to lengthen a piece.

#3-Make socks
I started (and failed) at a pair of toe-up socks with an afterthought heel.  I loved how well the toe and instep fit, but I didn't like how loose the cuff was.  This particular pattern did not have a separate cuff; it just ended with a row of single crochets.  In general, single crochets do not have the stretch that knitting does.  So I enlisted a dear friend to teach me to knit socks (yes, I said knit).  I have some experience in basic knitting, so it wasn't too difficult.  I also knit Continental, so I am used to holding my yarn in the same hand as when I crochet, making the switch easier.  Here is the finished pair.
 They look like a pair but each sock has a different cast on method (you can see the left sock cast on is looser then the right) and gusset pick up.  It was a great learning experience and I'm excited to make more.  For the pattern, see my Ravelry project page.

#4-Create a Sweater Pattern
This was supposed to be my bonus project for the year but it turned out to be my first (I was the most excited about trying this above the others).  I used Red Heart Super Saver scraps from my stash and striped them to add some interest. I used a drop shoulder design and very simple rectangles with only shaping in the sleeves.  I took some notes, but I didn't write out the pattern.  The good news is that it was very easy to do, so I am confident that my next attempt will be much better and look less boxy.  My goal is to eventually have an original pattern to share with all of you :)
After taking pictures and notes, I frogged the whole thing and made a Cabled Squares afghan (see a close up of one of the squares here.)
Maybe by New Year 2015, I'll get through my resolutions! Lol :)

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