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Spring Square Headband

Happy Spring!  It is a beautiful sunny day in Northern Colorado and I wanted to work on something lighter that I can wear in the coming months.  Here is my newest addition to my crochet accessories: The Spring Square Headband.  It is about 1.5 inches wide and about 10.5 inches across the squares.  I designed it with ties because I like that I can adjust it depending on my hairstyle and where I want to wear it.

I used to do a lot of cross-stitch projects, but I let it go to the wayside when I started crocheting again.  I recently found a box of Embroidery floss that is going unused.  So what is a girl to do with left over thread?  Crochet it, of course :)

Supplies: size 3 (2.1mm) steel crochet hook
              Color 797 Blue DMC floss-1 skein
              Color 3746 Purple DMC floss-1 skein
              Color 210 Lavender DMC floss-2 skeins
              Yarn Needle

Gauge: Each Square is about 1.5 inches.

Note: Keep all 6 plies of the floss together and use them as one strand.  Embroidery floss is meant to          split apart and to be used a few strands at a time.  This may cause some splitting as you work            so be careful to keep them together.
Crochet 3 rounds using a basic Granny Square pattern in the following color sequence: Blue, Purple, Lavender.  Make 7 squares and whip stitch squares end to end using Lavender.  I chose to go through the back loops because I like the look of the front loops staying free.  It creates a little frame around each square.  Be sure to keep all of the right sides facing forward.

Once you have all 7 squares in a row, you can add the ends and ties.  With right side facing, join with a slip stitch to right corner space.

Row 1- Ch 3.  3 dc in next space.  Ch 1.  3 dc in next space.  Dc into corner space.
Row 2- Ch 3, turn.  3 dc in next space.  Dc in top of turn chain.
Row 3- Turn.  Sl st into first dc. (this keeps a hole from forming)  Ch 3. Dc in each of next 2 dc.
Row 4- Ch 3, turn.  Skip first dc.  Dc in next dc.  Dc in top of turn chain.
Repeat Row 4 until you have 28 rows of strap, or your desired length.
Fasten off and weave in ends.
Repeat for other end.

Tie on your cute new headband and go enjoy the spring air :)

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