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Blankets Galore!

Like most of you, I love sharing photos of my finished items.  Here are a few blankets that I have completed in the last year or so that I have not shared yet.  Making baby and lap blankets is great because they allow you to experiment with different patterns and colors without too much time (and yarn) invested.  They are also the best gift!  I have always said that giving someone something hand crocheted is like giving them a hug :)

Rainbow Burst Blanket...What a fun pattern!  This is one of the best round ripple patterns out there. Get the free pattern here from RoseRed Designs.  I was able to use a lot of my stash on this one.  I love me some rainbows!!

The Lego Blanket...This was a great stash buster.  I used the rest of the yarn from the above rainbow burst.  I found the pattern on Pinterest and altered it a bit.  My Legomaniac nephew loved it and my husband was jealous!  It was very fast and the blocks were easy to do on the run.

 Nautical Ripple...This sweet blanket was a gift for a dear friend on her baby shower.  She was doing a nautical theme and I thought the ripple was a great choice because it looks like waves.  She waited a long time for that baby boy and I am over the moon for her!

Peacock Blocks Blanket...This was made for a distant relative at the request of my Aunt-in-law.  Her mother used to crochet and when she found out her first grandchild was to be born, she wanted to continue the tradition of a handmade blanket.  The parents were doing the room in a peacock theme so I found this free pattern and just changed the colors to match.  It was a challenging, but brilliant, pattern.

Scattered Blocks Afghan...I wanted the colored blocks to look like they were "floating" on a background.  Next time I will try it with brighter solids on a black base.  I feel that a high contrast will give a better impression of floating and the black will better hide the seams.  It was a good experiment and the recipient loves it very much.

Star Trek Baby Blanket...The couple that is having this baby are geeky and wonderful. The nursery is a Star Trek/Star Wars/Winnie the Pooh mashup.  I love it! This pattern was another Pinterest find, except it was a chart for a knitted potholder.   It was easily converted to filet crochet and Voila!   Here it is:

What is your favorite item to make?  Why?  I would love to see some of your finished projects too. Please feel free to leave me a comment below or check out my Facebook page.

Happy Hooking! :)
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