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Free Crochet Pattern: The Henrietta Headband


Free Crochet Pattern

Some of my followers may remember hearing of Henrietta. She is a dear friend that also happens to be my crochet pattern tester.  She and I both love wearing wide fabric headbands in our short hair.  A while back she made me a reversible fabric headband of Doctor Who fabric (Woohoo! My favorite!).

Recently, I had a bit of yarn left over from making this guy:

It's a Plesiosaurus (sort of? but he's cute anyway) that I made for Henrietta as a birthday gift.  She has a serious love of dinosaurs.  I was lucky enough to pick this yarn up in my goodie bag from last year's Yarn Fest.  It is Mantra by Mango Moon yarns. It is a fantastic cotton blend that has interesting color changes and great stitch definition.  I had just enough to make a small project...wouldn't a headband be perfect?
May I present to you: The Henrietta Headband!  It's simple and cute and a great project to show of a smaller amount of specialty yarn. Add it to your Ravelry queue here.

Supplies:                      Mango Moon Mantra in color 9105 Jade/Sage (150 yds/skein)
Size H crochet hook

Finished Size/Notes:
Approx 1¾” wide, 19” circumference.  Stitches allow 1-2” of stretch.  You can add more repeats of Row 4 if desired.

Special Stitches:
FSC (foundation single crochet)- ch 2, insert hook in to 2nd ch from hook, pull up loop, ch 1 (place marker), yo, pull through both loops on hook (first fsc made). *Insert hook into marked ch making sure to go under the left 2 loops, yo, pull up a loop, ch 1 (move marker to this ch), yo, pull through both loops on hook.  Rep from * until desired fsc length is reached. You may find you do not need to continue using the marker once you are comfortable making the stitch.
Hdc2tog (half double crochet 2 together)- This stitch is worked over 2 stitches from the previous row and is also known as a hdc decrease. Yo, insert hook into first designated stitch, yo and pull up loop, yo, insert into second stitch, yo and pull up loop, yo and pull through all loops on hook.

FSC 22.
Row 1- Ch 2. Quarter turn clockwise so you are working into side of last fsc.  2 hdc. (2)
Row 2- Ch 2. Turn. 2 hdc in each st. (4)
Row 3- Ch 2. Turn. 2 hdc in 1st st, hdc in each of next 2 st, 2hdc in last st. (6)
Row 4- Ch 2. Turn. Hdc in each st across. (6)
Row 5-36- Repeat Row 4 (6)
Row 37- Ch 2. Turn. Hdc2tog, hdc in each of next 2 st, hdc2tog in last st. (4)
Row 38- Ch 2. Turn. Hdc2tog twice. (2)
Row 39- Ch 2. Turn. Hdc in each st. (2)

Fasten off.  Sew ends securely, being careful not to twist.  Weave in ends.

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